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Dee Jay Promotions have supported DJs from the days they used to carry “back breaking” vinyl in crates to a memory stick with hundreds of tracks in their pockets. We were formed in partnership with all major record companies in 1991 (Sony Music, BMG, Warner Music, EMI, Universal). A year later we launched in Norway & Finland.

Back then we started by distributing vinyl from a small apartment in Stockholm before moving into our first office in the loft of BMG. Later on, distribution became CDs and now we’re fully transformed to digital distribution.

Dee Jay Promotions was founded with the basic principle of uniting and building credibility for the local DJ while giving the record companies a new way to reach out.

We realised that together with the DJs and the record companies we could educate and influence music tastes through the DJs power to make and break music to their captive audiences.

To build credibility and develop the dance music scene we created the Dance Charts, a compilation from the top 20 feedback list the DJs from different parts of the country reported weekly. The charts were quickly picked up by the national radio P3 in Sweden as a weekly format and it was also televised on ZTV with hosts Rob & Raz.

A couple of years later Norway and Finland had their respective charts and since then our charts have been influencing radio stations, international releases, compilations and tours all over the north.

With the transformation into digital distribution the scenery has changed and other charts are on the rice but our members does still help break artists, predicts new hits & brands and makes important data for STIM to pay-out royalties to artists and producers.

Our goal has always been to provide a top-quality music service to our members that enables them to perform to their highest potential and we are. We strongly believe in supporting our local artist, DJs and producers.

We will always do our best to get you the music as fast as we get them. We send a wide range of music and believe that our members choose what’s best for their dance-floors. Multiple mail-outs each week, makes it easier for
our members to discover new music.

Joining us is not just about getting great music, specially formatted weekly but as a member, you get to influence the official Dance Chart of your country, a chart that is not only used to gauge your dance-floors and predict the future hits but also making sure the right people get paid.

Other than the music we have created legendary events for our members like Big Bang, Scandinavian Music Convention (SMC) and the Dance Music Awards featuring some of the biggest DJs and artists in the world and the next big event is on the rice.

As a member we will keep you posted.

Some of the record companies working with us today:
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